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XPerformance available for Beta Testers

The XPerformance software, the flagship project of our RaceNetwork, is available in beta version.

The first important day of 2021 for RaceNetwork has arrived, with the debut among the beta testers of the XPerformance software. In fact, the project has reached its first testing phase among the more than 15 professional teams and drivers who have had access, in recent months, to the exclusive list of people and companies authorized to test the first version of the data study software.

Good luck, then, to all participants in the beta testing campaign. We are aware of the long work that still needs to be done in order to reach the set goals and, as a company with strong values of initiative and innovation, we will continue to put all our know-how in the field in order to share it with those who have chosen to believe in us.

For more information about the software and its use please write an email to


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