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Thanks to the expertise gained through the success of proprietary projects, SmartBit provides a framework ready to collaborate with startups and entrepreneurial initiatives. We offer comprehensive support, fostering professional and personal growth for the team in every crucial aspect.

areas of expertise

Business Model
We support startups and entrepreneurial projects in the construction and analysis of their business model.

Early-Stage Support
We assist startups in their initial steps, helping them discover their target markets.

Lean and Agile
We share with the team the most efficient methodologies for process management.

Data Analysis
We provide comprehensive support in managing essential data to track project performance.

Data-Driven Marketing
We select the best digital or traditional marketing channels in line with business targets.

We manage relationships with private investors and venture capital funds.

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training and mentorship programs

01 Relational Area

• Soft Skills
• Team Building
• Networking


02 Technical Area

• Content Creation
• Digital Marketing
• Web Design
• Cybersecurity


03 Business Area

• Startup Culture
Lean Startup
• Sustainability
• Welfare

04 Financial Area

Personal Finance
Corporate Finance
• Wealth Management
• Investments

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