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Virtual Le Mans: RaceNetwork's role

Il nostro debriefing sul coinvolgimento del brand RaceNetwork nell'evento che ha consacrato e cambiato per sempre il mondo del Simracing internazionale.

We knew that Simracing was in the spotlight of the motorsport community, we knew that with the absence of real competitions all the attention was forced to focus on the virtual, too.

However, what the first official edition of Virtual Le Mans has shown has perhaps exceeded even the expectations of those who, like us, have been living and believing in Simracing for about 10 years.

The data speak for themselves and with little effort are available in any news site on motorsport, we will not dwell on the number of participants and the prestige of them: the various Leclerc, Verstappen and Alonso present on the track, what we care most is to demonstrate once again that the business of esports has hit the mark and with him also our investment forecasts.

Our presence in this market, rooted in the now prehistoric 2014, has offered us multiple insights within this prestigious context.

In addition to the contribution given last year for the realization of the physical and graphical models with which drivers and simdrivers battled during the 24 hours of competition, we have been very attentive to the advice we have provided during this last month to the teams that have turned to RaceNetwork and its collaborators, an important challenge.

The world of professional simulators as a training tool once again proved crucial to the smoothness of work, demonstrating how diversifying the business model was the best choice.

Now that simracing has been able to demonstrate that it can keep up with the international spotlight, it is worth repeating a concept that is as simple as it is often mistreated: simulators will never be able to replace real races.

Exactly: the success of this event must not make us lose sight of the true role of simracing, which even if it has reached its peak, must never forget to simulate something that by definition must first take place in reality.


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