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"This Is Racing", the motorsport movie produced by Simone Marchetti and Boris Sljivic

From the creative idea of the founder of SmartBit, the realization of the film dedicated to the passion for motorsport. Available for free on

Passion for motorsport and creativity have come together and given birth to an experimental and independent project, dedicated to fans and all those who are dedicating their lives to the world of motorsport.

"Motorsport, as much as it is linked to technical and economic dynamics, exists only for one reason: passion."

This is how Simone Marchetti, founder of SmartBit, and Boris Sljivic, Croatian videomaker, described their work, thus putting the emotional factor at the center of the work.

The idea was to convey the conflicting emotions of this world.

From the original idea, the feature film was produced and edited from over 200 hours of interviews, documentaries and race footage.

The film is available for free on



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