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The XPerformance project makes its debut at the 12H of Mugello

The XPerformance by RaceNetwork project finally debuts on track with a Mercedes-AMG GT3 at the Mugello 12 Hours, the final round of the 2020 24H Series.

What was supposed to be the official debut of the XPerformance algorithm in March 2020 on the Mugello track was "only" postponed by a few months and, surprisingly, included in this year's plans after the last round of the 24H Series in Zandvoort was replaced by the one on the Tuscan track.

XPerformance is an innovative project curated by the RaceNetwork team, which exploits machine learning and blockchain technologies to collect numerous data from our clients' simulator sessions and transform them into valuable data useful for predicting set-up scenarios in qualifying and in the race.

The proprietary algorithm has gone through a development phase that lasted about 2 years starting in December 2018 and aims to provide technologies reserved for large motorsport facilities also to small teams, trying to revolutionize the setup phase of the most common racing cars.

2020 has seen important functional tests, for now, exclusively on the simulator, before the debut of the beta version of the software in the context of data acquisition of a car participating in a race weekend, specifically that of the 12H of Mugello on 13-14 November 2020.

The car in question will be the Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo 2020 managed by the U.S. team CP Racing, with which we have set up a curious and functional relationship of collaboration 'at a distance' given the safety rules adopted during the year for the emergency Covid-19.


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