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SmartBit: New Horizons in the name of continuity

We create, develop and invest in digital projects.

A new identity for the new experiences that await us in this 2021 era of transformation.

Looking beyond the conventional has always been one of our qualities, we have always analyzed the world around us analytically and with an approach defined by Lean concepts.

This has allowed us, over the years, to set ourselves increasingly ambitious goals and to reach them nimbly by scaling our target markets. In 2021 our identity will not change, it will evolve. Digital consulting has increased exponentially and our role requires us to make a greater effort to spread the benefits of our projects among potential customers.

The payoff "digitalize it." encapsulates the essence of our way of acting.

The new graphic layout of the reference site wants to express just that: the essence of what we are and the clear objectives to which we aim.

Also our flagship projects have received a refresh of the graphic layout of the logos. So here is the new graphic identity of RaceNetwork and Netmind Social Agency.

The year 2021 begins with great enthusiasm from our entire team, because our core principle is to take care of our ideas.


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