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SmartBit and BetaList together to validate new Startups

The agreement between SmartBit and BetaList to discover and promote new digital startups from all over the world has been made offical.

BetaList is a community of makers and early adopters that promotes early-stage startups and gives the community a way to provide feedback on them.

BetaList was launched in 2010 when founder Marc Köhlbrugge, a Dutch tech entrepreneur, discovered that the first releases of his projects usually performed better if they were highlighted and available in the very early stages of development. This led Marc to help other founders share betas with early adopters.

Realities like Pinterest, IFTTT and Airtable debuted on BetaList before launch.

Shared values of resourcefulness and a desire to see change happen led SmartBit and BetaList to decide to go down the road of fostering young teams of motivated startuppers together.

Our company will be involved both in the selection phase of the startups to be "highlighted" and in the phase that just follows the supply of consultancy services on business development, marketing and promotion. Also fundamental is the large-scale dissemination of microacquisition methods and the culture behind them, that's still largely unknown.


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