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Openminded: the new face of our community

It's time for Openminded to grow too. Our community, founded several months ago, has allowed us to reach some of the most influential international excellences who have overseen innovative processes of digitalization and transformation of the most famous brands in the world. We welcome the new format of Innovation Community Talks.

Hence our new goal: to share our opportunities for discussion with great professionals in a way that is totally free and accessible to all.

On Friday, March 26th we launched the new structure of our community with a great new feature: the Innovation Community Talks.

The Innovation Community Talks are nothing but interviews with the most influential personalities in the world in the field of digital transformation, held by our founder Simone Marchetti and by the expert podcaster Paul Capon who recently joined the SmartBit team.

The contents will be published weekly on the homepage section of our community and no registration is required to access them.

We believe that more dissemination of such important and valuable thoughts can contribute to more valuable inspirations, in our industry and beyond.

Openminded was founded in September 2020, at first as a simple series of free webinars held by our founders, and then soon evolved into a real private community made of professionals or aspiring professionals, who want to use digitization and the modern dynamics of the business world to their advantage.

Access to the community is free upon selection. Candidates must pass an interview that certifies their attitude and philosophy to understand the world of work as a constructive context, as well as the correct approach to a positive context, of mutual help and growth.

In a world made of funnels at the limit of legality, communities of dubious ethics and undefined gurus in continuous diffusion, we would like to clarify that Openminded is not a for-profit project and does not provide any kind of payment or economic support to have access to it. Openminded has the sole purpose of bringing together highly motivated people who share the same values, in constructive initiatives for the community of our ecosystem and the professional one of the individual participant.

Having clarified this aspect, it is good not to leave to chance the fact that within the community are also promoted services and consultancy of SmartBit Group, without making access to certain areas or conditions dependent on them.

To have access to the Innovation Community Talks go to

Visit this page and fill out the form to request access to the selection phase of our private Openminded community.


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