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OpenMinded by SmartBit is born

The project aims to disseminate and update on the technological and economic development of digital business through the sharing of SmartBit experiences in dedicated Webinars and Live Q&A.

The constant increase in the need for an entrepreneurial culture to face today's market is a fact. That's why at SmartBit we decided to give life to a project that is as simple as it is effective, in order to share our experiences on the most sensitive issues concerning modern entrepreneurship and in particular digital entrepreneurship.

The communication method chosen is the airing of live broadcasts in which interested users can interact directly with the SmartBit team (plus any guests).

Webinars dedicated to specific topics on a weekly and monthly basis according to the topics covered with the aim of creating a real community.

There will also be Live Q&A dedicated to our brands and projects to better understand their history and dynamics.

We decided to share part of our (short) entrepreneurial story to try to raise awareness among professionals about the creation of projects and, above all, to try to show how real is the need for other realities that set their business model on innovative dynamics.

The OpenMinded project is available at the following address

More information about the first webinars will be shared on our social channels.


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