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Mirage Motors Modena SR-M Project

As anticipated by various announcements on social channels, on September 28, 2020 the first images of the model branded Mirage Motors Modena were unveiled: the automotive startup founded by the SmartBit team.

The project foresees the study of technologies related to materials and hydrogen in the automotive and motorsport fields: the decision to produce its own experimental model has been judged fundamental for the freedom of experimentation and will remain a cornerstone of the business model of the new automotive project.

The main features of the experimental model, christened M01, are the following: bodywork and interior built with materials with zero ecological impact, hydrogen supercharging that complements the normal petrol power supply of the 1200cc engine, 129kw (175hp) and 240Nm of torque, modular components and 4-wheel drive.

More information and details will be revealed on the social channels of Mirage Motors Modena and on


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