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Great growth for European Esports Fund

The private European Esports Fund has grown exponentially in its first phase and is poised to make its first ETF official as early as 2021.

European Esports Fund was a bet. In the middle of 2019 the global market of the esports world was already touching very high peaks and its exponential increase in 2020 and the first quarter of 2021 leads us to conclude that this bet has been won.

RaceNetwork has been involved since its birth in simracing, one of the most popular esports, and this has played a key role in building the network necessary to create this reality.

European Esports Fund is aimed at professional investors who want to exploit the opportunities of this market on a European basis, growing the European esports market at an ever-increasing rate.

Expected by the end of 2021 the launch of an ETF dedicated to European realities operating in the sector.

For more information on access to the private fund, you can get in touch with the dedicated team via


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