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Curvy Vision entrusts Netmind Social Agency for its re-branding

Curvy Vision, formerly Visione Italia, has decided to continue its long-standing relationship with our agency Netmind Social Agency for the care of its re-branding and digital presence.

The Made In Italy brand of curvy clothing has decided to start 2021 focusing on a new identity, renewing the previous one, keeping the main values of the project unchanged: creativity, versatility and exclusivity.

Netmind Social Agency has supported the digitalization path of the brand in all its aspects since 2019, realizing the ecommerce spaces by inserting them within the online marketing strategy. The new name will bring with it a renewed presence on social channels and an improved and more impactful customer journey on the ecommerce previously signed Visione Italia.

Curvy Vision will follow a renewed digital strategy to reach the exclusive audience to which the new 2021 collections will be addressed.


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